Ambassador Salon for Wigs for Kids

For a salon that is dedicated to providing you with hair and beauty services as well as donating hair to children in need, Personal Touch Salon & Spa is your go-to location. Here’s how it’s taking its rightful place as an ambassador salon for Wigs for Kids.

How Personal Touch Salon & Spa is Helping Children

This Castle Hills, Texas salon is not only servicing its paying clients, but also helping children who are experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatments. As an ambassador salon for Wigs for Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hair replacements to children, Personal Touch Salon & Spa is truly making a difference in the lives of the many children it has helped.

Whether it’s informing clients of the work that Wigs for Kids does, conducting fundraisers to raise money for a child in need, collecting donated hair, or connecting with the organization itself, this salon is here to help children feel alive again with beautiful, custom-made hair replacement pieces.

How Wigs for Kids is Changing Lives

This non-profit organization was founded by stylist Jeffrey Paul in 1981, and it has continued serving children to this very day. Its mission is to help those young individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer. With a custom-made wig created from 100% human hair, every child will look as if they have never lost a single strand of hair in their life. Every piece is hand-tied and made with so much care that you can tell right when a child puts it on that it’s perfectly suited for them and their needs.

Wigs for Kids is made up of not only its volunteers, but also the ambassadors and affiliate salons that collect donated hair for children in need. However, none of this would be possible without those individuals brave enough to donate their hair to this organization. All of these efforts are truly amazing!

How You Can Help, Too!

Personal Touch Salon & Spa offers a variety of services to its clients. From hair styling and coloring to haircuts for men, women, tweens, and children, there are many hair services available for people of all ages. In addition, this salon offers manicures and pedicures as well as facial waxing services.

However, if helping others is something you’re interested in, you should definitely consider donating your hair to a child in need. You’ll receive reduced pricing or complimentary services for your donation and will help this salon continue its mission as an ambassador salon for Wigs for Kids.

You can visit our website, stop by in person, or call (210) 342-6532 for more information or to book an appointment. Personal Touch Salon & Spa is not only a place to have your beauty needs met, but also a place you can feel inspired by.