Meet Cathy

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I've been a stylist for just under a year now. Unofficially for like 10 years. I've always had an urge to change my own hair every chance I got, so I had some learning experiences in the process.

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My favorite part of being a stylist is getting to meet all kinds of different people and getting the chance to connect with them on a level you dont get to all the time. It's a chance to take away technology and really connect.


I got into cosmetology because I love the feeling of walking out of a salon and being at your highest point of confidence because you love your hair, and I want to be able to pass that feeling onto others. I know a simple blow dry can take you from your lowest point to your highest and I want to be apart of that. I also just really love playing with hair!

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Something I wish every client would do in my chair is relax! We get so caught up in our busy lives and when you're in the salon sometimes we are on autopilot and don't stop working or worrying about dinner. Being in the chair is your "you" time to wind down and forget for just a little while.

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I dont know if I really have a hairstylist idol. There are so many people that do amazing work and everyone has such different styles, I don't know that you can really pit one against another! There's so much to learn from everyone.

To help with humidity I'd say definitely find a really good humidity resistant line of products (like the awapuhi line!) to use when you style or when you wash.