I know you’ve heard over and over again, DRINK WATER DRINK WATER, but how important is it to drink water and stay hydrated? Water makes up 50%-75% of your body, so when you’re dehydrated, it really starts to not only affect your hair, skin and nails, but also your internal and external organs. Water aids in digestion, circulation, absorption of vitamins and minerals, and excretion. Dehydration can cause constipation, dry skin, increase in allergies and migraines. On that note, let’s take a dive into a glass of water!

 Photo by Hyrma/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Hyrma/iStock / Getty Images

Okay so let us break this down and go over why water is important for your skin. Your skin is an organ; actually your largest organ, but sadly enough all the water in your body is distributed to all your internal organs first, and hydrating the skin last. So it is easy to say it will not function properly or at its best.  

The lack of hydration will be apparent and you will start to notice your skin is dry, flaky, and tight. Also, wrinkles! Dry skin is more prone to wrinkling.

Water is LOST in large quantities every day, you need to replenish it somehow. So Personal Touch Salon has thought of some ways to make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water to get rid of body and skin toxins!

1.       Keep a gallon of water nearby, you should drink an entire one A DAY!

2.       Use an app to track your cups! They are some available for android and iPhone!

3.       Add some Flavor, water can be tasteless, so make it tasty!

4.       You could even step it up a notch and get a high tech water bottle that lights up to remind you! Whoa, technology! Slow down!

5.       Eat water enriched foods:  Cucumber (96%)

            Zucchini (95%)

            Watermelon (92%)

            Grapefruit (91%)

I'm Dreaming of a Rainbow Christmas

Unicorn/Mermaid/Rainbow hair is a huge trend right now. Whether it’s a full head of bright, vibrant color or just little pops of fun, it’s beautiful to look at and fun to have. Here’s a look in to the rainbow unicorn life.

The Process

The road to beautiful, colorful hair can be a lengthy one depending on your hair history, but good things come to those who wait, right? We will start by lightening your hair to a level 8-10/11 (hair is measured on a scale of 1:darkest to 10:lightest). This is the part that can take the most time. Those with naturally or chemically darker hair, this will take some time and may have to be split into two or three appointments in order to keep the integrity of the hair. After the lightening process, the color is applied using a unique placement and blending technique for each person. This is usually the stylist’s favorite part. Its like painting on a canvas for us!


Now that you have your beautiful, colorful hair of your dreams, you’re probably thinking, ‘how long is this going to last and how am I going to care for it?’ Nothing lasts forever of course, but the after care plays a huge part in how your color looks and fades. Using the correct shampoo, conditioner and styling products recommended by your stylist can really stretch your color’s life time. It is also very important to keep up with your regular maintenance appointments with your stylist to keep your hair vibrant, happy and healthy.

Other Options

If you’re not ready to commit to the rainbow unicorn life, it’s okay! We have something for you too. Extensions are a great way to try out a color to see how you like it. They are applied and removed easily without damage to your hair.

Colorful hair is so much fun and it’s a great way to add a little magic to your every day life. Check out these beautiful unicorn creations we’ve had the pleasure of doing this month.

 Purple Fairy Princess

Purple Fairy Princess

 Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas

 Lady Glitter Sparkles

Lady Glitter Sparkles

 Purple Rain

Purple Rain

 Unicorn Dream

Unicorn Dream

 Evil Unicorn

Evil Unicorn

Oh, Baby! This is Exciting!

We have a very exciting announcement to make! Our team member, Gabriella, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last weekend! Nova Alicia Cruz was born December 2, 2017 at 5:20 pm. She weighed 4lbs, 15oz and was 17 inches long. Congratulations to mom, Gabriella, and dad, Nelson! What a wonderful gift, and just in time for Christmas! Baby Nova, your arrival was long anticipated by everyone and you are so loved already!  

 Baby Nova 

Baby Nova 

 Nelson, Gabriella and baby Nova.

Nelson, Gabriella and baby Nova.

Dip is the New Black

There is a nail trend that has been around but is making an awesome come back and it is called Dip Powder Nails! You see all the nail salons offering it now as an alternative to your good ole acrylics and shellac gel manicures and now Personal Touch Salon also offers you the opportunity to indulge in a set of your very own.



 This is a set done by one of our team members, Gabriella, and she used winter wonderland and purple plum.

This is a set done by one of our team members, Gabriella, and she used winter wonderland and purple plum.

Dip Powder Nails is like a hybrid between acrylic and shellac except the difference is the longevity that you're getting. With our results at the salon we have seen an average of three weeks with the tip added and four weeks with out the tip added. There are so many benefits to switching over to the dipped nail. For one its odor free, non toxic and there is no UV light needed. A lot of contemplation has been going around whether its healthier for the nail plate or not and I can agree that the way we do it at our salon IS healthier because we do not use the electric drill on the nail plate only on the dipped powder but overall it is environmentally friendly!

Since your extending your frequency of visits to the salon the dip powder nail is considered low maintenance and it has a very quick and comfortable application. So wait no longer and stop by make your next Reservation at Personal Touch Salon today!

Warming Up for the Colder Months

Fall is here! Even if Texas doesn't want to admit it. That means its time for beautiful fall hair. I know what you're thinking; you've worked so hard to get to the blonde you love for summer and now you're thinking you want to go a little darker for the colder months. Or maybe you want to add a little spice to your all over color. Paul Mitchell offers a wonderful demi-permanent solution.


Our demi-permanent color line, named The Demi, typically last 4-6 weeks and will fade beautifully back to your blonde that you love so much. It also adds condition and shine to your luscious locks. We have the perfect formulas for those beautiful reds, maroons, rose golds and golden tones that are trending right now. You get the color you want and your hair gets a conditioning treatment. It's a win-win situation!


All of the pictures shown are some of our blonde highlihted or baylayge guests. We formulated these beautiful tones using The Demi line. Beautiful results that everyone loves!


Make Up Your Mind! (and face)


Personal Touch Salon is now adding makeup as an offered service! Our newest team member, Taylor, can do makeup for any event whether it's your upcoming wedding, work event, Christmas party, or even if you simply don't feel like getting yourself ready in the morning. Come try out this new service! For a limited time, we will be doing complementary makeup with a hair service. Make your life easier and let us be your one stop shop!

Meet Taylor



I’m new to the industry, but I’ve been a stylist at heart since I about 6 or 7 when I first learned to braid. I’ve always loved doing hair and makeup.



My favorite part about being a stylist is having the opportunity to change someone’s day in a positive way whether it’s with hair, makeup, or just allowing someone the time to be able to treat themselves and relax. I also love the creative aspect. I also love the fact that there are always new things to learn and new ways to improve yourself technically, economically and personally.



The beauty and fashion industry is always something I’ve been passionate about. I used to have a ‘salon’ at home when I was younger and I would use my family members as guinea pigs for the different hair styles or nail art I wanted to try out. When I got a little older, I always did all of my friends hair and makeup for prom, homecoming or just going out on the weekends! Becoming a cosmetologist has allowed me to have a career in an industry that I love and I absolutely want to be apart of for a very long time.



Some of my hairstylist idols are Noogie Thai, Robert Cromeans, Pamela Peretti, and Guy Tang.


I would love to help you battle against this San Antonio humidity. Without a question, the right product or combination of products and treatments will help do just that! Come in and let me show you how!

Meet Gabriella


I have wanted to be a hairstylist since I was about 3 years old, when I gave myself my first haircut. At the time my mom didn't know that I was only pursuing my destiny; if she did she probably would've been super proud and not burst into flames like she actually did.

beauty tween


My favorite part about being a hairstylist and being in this industry is that it stimulates every THING, every aspect a person can be. It uses both the left side and right side of the brain when typically it's either one or the other. It requires creativity, personality, passion, technical skills, knowing and making new trends. There's so much chemistry which is my favorite part, and then of course the business aspect of it all! But ultimately the best part about being a stylist is making a huge positive difference in the way someone feels about themselves! Whenever a guest comes into my chair I want them to be completely themselves and don't be scared to tell me what you want or how you're feeling that day. It sets an entirely different energy when people feel comfortable and relaxed around you, no walls up!

silver ombre


Some hair idols of mine are Kasey O'Hara, Angus Mitchell, Lici Lady Barber, and Ozden Kurtur, They are mostly know for colors and cutting.


latina balayage

If there something that can save your hair from this crazy San Antonio weather it's Paul Mitchell products! Hair color and cuts can only do so much, you really have to style your hair with the right products!

You have the dress, the shoes, the date, but do you have the perfect Homecoming hair?

Schedule today with Personal Touch for your formal updo and receive 10% off when you show us your student ID. If you check in on social media we will bump that up to 15% off!

Wondering what kind of hair we can make happen for you?

Right now we know the trends. Our owner has been attending all of the Paul Mitchell hair shows and keeping her finger on the pulse of what is hot in hair right now.

Are you in dreaming of the perfect Mermaid hair?


Multiple Braids?

The ever so trendy knots?


How about a pretty twist?

Even if you want a half up/ half down look we have the skills to make your hair dreams come true!

Don’t worry if you think your hair is too short, we know how to make you look fabulous no matter what! We can even put in extensions the same day if you have enough time.

Call or click to make you appointment. We can’t wait to make your Homecoming Hair dreams come true. 

Champagne + Shopping + Giveaways = YES PLEASE

When we were approached with the idea of setting up a retail boutique space in our salon we were beyond excited. So while we've been working on ways to meet new faces and build our boutique space we had a thought - lets combine a few of our favorite things, drinking, shopping, discounts and giveaways! 

We are excited to announce that next Saturday, September 3rd we are officially going to celebrate the launch of our Fin & Ellie Boutique space with a Grand Opening Champagne & Shopping Party and you are invited! Come Shop with us from 12-4 PM for great deals giveaways.

There will be Handbag giveaways and also Brazillian Blowout giveaways -  not just one!  Every hour something will be given away! We are also excited to offer 30% off of ALL purchases AND everyone gets a free shampoo blow-dry voucher with that purchase.

Perfect hair and the perfect outfit is the goal we want to help everyone reach! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate what we have worked so hard to build with the customers we have that mean so much to us at Personal Touch and celebrate the new gorgeous boutique space Fin & Ellie has created for the salon.

Fin & Ellie is affordable luxury offering great quality products at great prices. Their unique style and flare are the perfect compliment to our salon. Plus 30% off your entire purchase during our Champ & Shop Party?! Seriously you can't beat that! 

We have a lot to offer and a little bit for everyone. Cute contemporary clothing, designer style purses, simple trend forward jewelry, accessories, unique gifts and candles. 

Don’t miss this! Come join us and celebrate with us, sip a little bubbly, shop, and let us blow your mind (and your hair)!  We look forward to seeing you all!

Meet Schalan

Schalan is the amazing owner of Personal Touch Salon and Spa in San Antonio. 




We asked her to tell us all about herself so that you could get to know the person behind the chair making all the hair magic happen. 

How long have you been a stylist?

I have been a stylist for almost 8 years. I knew I wanted to be a hairdresser since I was in first grade and it never changed! Barbie may beg to differ, but I knew I was made for this! I believe you can see it in my work, the passion and love that I create for my guests. I knew in high school one day I wanted to own a hair salon. It's small but still growing! With accomplishing those two goals, I have ventured on to accomplishing my third goal, becoming a Paul Mitchell National Educator. I love learning and sharing all things hair! Plus Paul Mitchell is seriously the best brand out there! Not only do their products rock, but they believe in being kind to one an other and giving back, things out world seriously needs right now.

 My dad has been my longest running client :)

My dad has been my longest running client :)

What is the one thing you wish every client would do when they are in your chair?

I wish my guests  would be to always be 100% honest about what there hair has been through. Leaving out something as simple as "I used box color on my hair 2 months ago" could make or break your hair journey. I also would love it if more guests left me reviews, whether they be good or bad (even though I know I hope they are good), it will help other people find me and have the opportunity for me to make them beautiful!

 Ask me about Balyage

Ask me about Balyage

Who are some of your hairstylist idols?

A few of my hair idols would have to be Robert Cromeans, Stephanie Kocielski, and Guy Tang. They are all true hair artists as well as genuinely good people. Two out of the three use my all time favorite brand, Paul Mitchell! I have been lucky enough to meet all three of them a few times! Now if I could only work side by side one day, I think my life might be complete! If you have never heard of these three or seen their work, just google them! You will be in awe too! 

 I love doing vivids!

I love doing vivids!

What is your favorite part of being a stylist?

A few of my favorite things to do, would be blondes, weather it's all over, highlights, balayage, or ombrés, it doesn't matter, I just love adding blonde and keeping the hair super healthy! Thanks to the great quality of color and take home Paul Mitchell offers I'm able to do that. I also love doing extensions! It's nothing like seeing such a dramatic before and after, and seeing how excited my guests get! They are a great way to add pops of color, volume, and or length! Fantasy forward colors are also so much fun! It's so awesome being to put actual colors from the rainbow on my guests hair now! Life is more beautiful in color!

 Aren't extensions fantastic?

Aren't extensions fantastic?

Anything else?

The owner of my cosmetology school, John Turnage, used to tell us "love what you do, love who you do it for, and love who you do it with, and it won't ever feel like a day of work in your life!" I can seriously say I'm one blessed girl to be able to say that all of those are true for me! If you haven't had a chance to have your hair done by me yet, come on in, you will be so happy you did!

 Schedule today for your transformation!

Schedule today for your transformation!

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatments, a treatment for every hair type

Is your hair damaged from over processing, naturally thirsty, or dry, or somewhere in between? Fret no more! Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger offers a targeted professional treatment with dramatic, instant results. In 10-15 minutes we will have you loving how your hair looks and feels!

KeraTriplex Treatment (repairing treatment)

Reduces breakage by 80%

KeraTriplex is a 2-step reparative treatment, which transforms weak, broken, and brittle stands into pillars of strength and protects from further damage. Step one of KeraTriplex, is a single-shot vial of isolated proteins that are virtually identical to the keratin found in human hair, originally derived from New Zealand sheep’s wool. Keratin Intensive Treatment is applied as step two to hydrate and add healthy silky shine.

HydraTriplex Treatment (intense moisture for dry or frizzy hair)

Makes hair 82% softer and more manageable

HydraTriplex is proven to make dry, frizzy hair 82% softer and more manageable with rich concentrated blend of amino acids, vegetable proteins, and nourishing oils. HydraTriplex technology hydrates binds and seals every cuticle to revive parched strands and improve manageability, and creates long lasting silky smooth feel.






Moisture-rich humectants and Awapuhi extract hydrate parched hair.


Eleven carefully selected amino acids and vegetable proteins penetrate and bind deep into the cortex to help retain moisture.



Jojoba oil, high oleic macadamia oil and avocado oil provide nourishment that helps create a seal over the cuticle to retain moisture, leaving hair silky, shiny and manageable.


Both Treatments can be combined together to give chemically treated and dry frizzy hair the best of both worlds! This month only, add the Awapuhi duo to any service for only $40*.  Call 210-342-6532 or schedule online at www.PersonalTouchSalonTx.com for your appointment! We look forward to helping create healthy, happy, strong, shiny hair for you!



Freshening up the salon!

We all know that summers in San Antonio can be long and hot!

Summer time is also a great opportunity to freshen up your look. 

With that in mind, we decided that our salon needed a makeover. 

Personal Touch Salon


We've moved things around, perked up the pedicure area, added some new paint and mirrors, and best of all updated our portrait area!

With these new changes we are more than ready to help you freshen your look up for summer and stay cool in the San Antonio heat. 

Click here to schedule your appointment and come in to see the changes!


Everything you wanted to know about Hair Extensions but didn't think to ask

Here at personal touch we offer Babe Hair extensions, the markets’ highest quality human hair available. Babe Hair Extensions are made with 100% human remy hair, meaning the natural cuticle all faces the same directions. Remy hair has minimal matting and tangling. This allows the hair to last months with proper care.

We offer three methods to add extensions to your own hair: tape in, i-tip (cold fusion/micro cylinder), and flat-tip. All three methods are no damage, no heat, no glue required extensions. 

Tape In:

Tape in extensions, are a great option for almost anyone. They are very comfortable and lay flat/flush to the scalp. The only time we wouldn’t recommend them are, if hair is too thin (where scalp can be seen), or if the client is constantly wetting hair. The tape is a surgical, medical grade tape, that adheres and removes easily from the hair. 18 inch extensions are 3 grams of hair, and if applied in a sandwich method, 3 grams of natural hair, can have 6 grams of hair extensions applied. This will help add length and density very smoothly. Tape-in extensions are a great option for shorter length clients, or haircuts with blunt lines. The amount of hair per weft, helps to unnoticeably blend natural hair into hair extension. There are two ways tape in can be applied, either sandwiching natural hair between two wefts of hair, or single siding the weft to natural hair, with single sided tape underneath. Single sided option is great for people that don’t need an abundance of hair, but still want the option of the wear feel of tape ins. Removal can be tedious, but well worth it. Tape-in bond remover is applied, weft is pulled apart and off hair. Residue is washed out of client’s natural hair. Then the stylists has to removal all old tape and residue, wash, dry, and re-applied tape, before they can go back into clients hair. Once tape-in extensions are applied, client must wait 72 hours before washing or wetting hair. This allows for the tape to bond to client’s hair. Removal and re-applying must be done about every 6-7 weeks. Tape in extensions may be reused 3-4 times.


I-tip extensions, also known as microcylinder or cold fusion, they are great for adding pops of color, volume, and length. The only time I would suggest i-tip extensions on someone, is if hair is too thin (where scalp can be seen), or too short. Don’t worry we cover all this in our complimentary consultation. Babe 18 inch i-tip extensions are 1 gram of hair. So, we take small square-rectangular about 1 gram sections of natural hair, to attach the I tip extensions to. I-tip extensions get crimped into the hair with copper beads. Our beads are lined with silicone, which helps with slippage, and prolongs wear. Removal and re-applying I-tips are quite simple. As long as client comes with clean dry hair, the bead is removed, a new bead is applied and re-crimped into place. Depending on natural growth, extensions can last 3-7 months, and can be reused 2-3 times. Touch ups are done about ever 7-10 weeks.


Flat-tip extensions are brand new, patent-pending method from Babe. They give ultimate comfort and flexibility for clients, with faster application with more coverage. The tips lay flat like tape-ins, but are applied and wear like a i-tip. The flat-tip creates a fuller look with less hair! Depending on natural growth, extensions can last 3-7 months, and can be reused 2-3 times. Touch ups are done about ever 7-10 weeks.

All methods of extensions should be cared for the same way:

  • Use professional sulfate free shampoos and conditioners
  • Avoid applying oils and sprays to bonds
  • Avoid salty and chlorinated water
  • Don’t wash daily, dry shampoo is a great alternative!
  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair
  • Use an extension brush, to avoid pulling of catching bonds

Call 210-342- 6532 or schedule your complimentary consultation @


Ambassador Salon for Wigs for Kids

For a salon that is dedicated to providing you with hair and beauty services as well as donating hair to children in need, Personal Touch Salon & Spa is your go-to location. Here’s how it’s taking its rightful place as an ambassador salon for Wigs for Kids.

How Personal Touch Salon & Spa is Helping Children

This Castle Hills, Texas salon is not only servicing its paying clients, but also helping children who are experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatments. As an ambassador salon for Wigs for Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hair replacements to children, Personal Touch Salon & Spa is truly making a difference in the lives of the many children it has helped.

Whether it’s informing clients of the work that Wigs for Kids does, conducting fundraisers to raise money for a child in need, collecting donated hair, or connecting with the organization itself, this salon is here to help children feel alive again with beautiful, custom-made hair replacement pieces.

How Wigs for Kids is Changing Lives

This non-profit organization was founded by stylist Jeffrey Paul in 1981, and it has continued serving children to this very day. Its mission is to help those young individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer. With a custom-made wig created from 100% human hair, every child will look as if they have never lost a single strand of hair in their life. Every piece is hand-tied and made with so much care that you can tell right when a child puts it on that it’s perfectly suited for them and their needs.

Wigs for Kids is made up of not only its volunteers, but also the ambassadors and affiliate salons that collect donated hair for children in need. However, none of this would be possible without those individuals brave enough to donate their hair to this organization. All of these efforts are truly amazing!

How You Can Help, Too!

Personal Touch Salon & Spa offers a variety of services to its clients. From hair styling and coloring to haircuts for men, women, tweens, and children, there are many hair services available for people of all ages. In addition, this salon offers manicures and pedicures as well as facial waxing services.

However, if helping others is something you’re interested in, you should definitely consider donating your hair to a child in need. You’ll receive reduced pricing or complimentary services for your donation and will help this salon continue its mission as an ambassador salon for Wigs for Kids.

You can visit our website, stop by in person, or call (210) 342-6532 for more information or to book an appointment. Personal Touch Salon & Spa is not only a place to have your beauty needs met, but also a place you can feel inspired by.