Everything you wanted to know about Hair Extensions but didn't think to ask

Here at personal touch we offer Babe Hair extensions, the markets’ highest quality human hair available. Babe Hair Extensions are made with 100% human remy hair, meaning the natural cuticle all faces the same directions. Remy hair has minimal matting and tangling. This allows the hair to last months with proper care.

We offer three methods to add extensions to your own hair: tape in, i-tip (cold fusion/micro cylinder), and flat-tip. All three methods are no damage, no heat, no glue required extensions. 

Tape In:

Tape in extensions, are a great option for almost anyone. They are very comfortable and lay flat/flush to the scalp. The only time we wouldn’t recommend them are, if hair is too thin (where scalp can be seen), or if the client is constantly wetting hair. The tape is a surgical, medical grade tape, that adheres and removes easily from the hair. 18 inch extensions are 3 grams of hair, and if applied in a sandwich method, 3 grams of natural hair, can have 6 grams of hair extensions applied. This will help add length and density very smoothly. Tape-in extensions are a great option for shorter length clients, or haircuts with blunt lines. The amount of hair per weft, helps to unnoticeably blend natural hair into hair extension. There are two ways tape in can be applied, either sandwiching natural hair between two wefts of hair, or single siding the weft to natural hair, with single sided tape underneath. Single sided option is great for people that don’t need an abundance of hair, but still want the option of the wear feel of tape ins. Removal can be tedious, but well worth it. Tape-in bond remover is applied, weft is pulled apart and off hair. Residue is washed out of client’s natural hair. Then the stylists has to removal all old tape and residue, wash, dry, and re-applied tape, before they can go back into clients hair. Once tape-in extensions are applied, client must wait 72 hours before washing or wetting hair. This allows for the tape to bond to client’s hair. Removal and re-applying must be done about every 6-7 weeks. Tape in extensions may be reused 3-4 times.


I-tip extensions, also known as microcylinder or cold fusion, they are great for adding pops of color, volume, and length. The only time I would suggest i-tip extensions on someone, is if hair is too thin (where scalp can be seen), or too short. Don’t worry we cover all this in our complimentary consultation. Babe 18 inch i-tip extensions are 1 gram of hair. So, we take small square-rectangular about 1 gram sections of natural hair, to attach the I tip extensions to. I-tip extensions get crimped into the hair with copper beads. Our beads are lined with silicone, which helps with slippage, and prolongs wear. Removal and re-applying I-tips are quite simple. As long as client comes with clean dry hair, the bead is removed, a new bead is applied and re-crimped into place. Depending on natural growth, extensions can last 3-7 months, and can be reused 2-3 times. Touch ups are done about ever 7-10 weeks.


Flat-tip extensions are brand new, patent-pending method from Babe. They give ultimate comfort and flexibility for clients, with faster application with more coverage. The tips lay flat like tape-ins, but are applied and wear like a i-tip. The flat-tip creates a fuller look with less hair! Depending on natural growth, extensions can last 3-7 months, and can be reused 2-3 times. Touch ups are done about ever 7-10 weeks.

All methods of extensions should be cared for the same way:

  • Use professional sulfate free shampoos and conditioners
  • Avoid applying oils and sprays to bonds
  • Avoid salty and chlorinated water
  • Don’t wash daily, dry shampoo is a great alternative!
  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair
  • Use an extension brush, to avoid pulling of catching bonds

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