Meet Gabriella


I have wanted to be a hairstylist since I was about 3 years old, when I gave myself my first haircut. At the time my mom didn't know that I was only pursuing my destiny; if she did she probably would've been super proud and not burst into flames like she actually did.

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My favorite part about being a hairstylist and being in this industry is that it stimulates every THING, every aspect a person can be. It uses both the left side and right side of the brain when typically it's either one or the other. It requires creativity, personality, passion, technical skills, knowing and making new trends. There's so much chemistry which is my favorite part, and then of course the business aspect of it all! But ultimately the best part about being a stylist is making a huge positive difference in the way someone feels about themselves! Whenever a guest comes into my chair I want them to be completely themselves and don't be scared to tell me what you want or how you're feeling that day. It sets an entirely different energy when people feel comfortable and relaxed around you, no walls up!

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Some hair idols of mine are Kasey O'Hara, Angus Mitchell, Lici Lady Barber, and Ozden Kurtur, They are mostly know for colors and cutting.


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If there something that can save your hair from this crazy San Antonio weather it's Paul Mitchell products! Hair color and cuts can only do so much, you really have to style your hair with the right products!